CORE Arsenal of Powerful Features

Private & Secure Client Portals, created in seconds

Creates private and secure areas on your site that are uniquely permissioned to a particular client or clients. Everything is structured seamlessly and intuitively so that both you and your client are comfortable within the framework. You can create as many clients/client areas as you like.

Estimates & Invoicing Feature > Online Payments

Full featured Estimates & Invoicing complete with the ability to Pay Online. Customize with your logo – Use pre-created Items to build Estimates/Invoices quickly – Convert Estimate to Invoice in one click – Send to Client as PDF attached to email – Online Payment with IPN confirmation.

Secure File Upload & Download

Allows site owner to upload files that are exclusively permissioned to a particular client or set of clients, and optionally send automatic email notifications to the client(s) about the new file. Clients are able to upload files to their Client Area, and admins and assigned managers are automatically notified via email of the new file upload. Files of any type are supported.

Simple Process to Add Clients > Customize the Data You Collect

Easily allows the site manager to assign a username/password for the Client – Plugin can also email this information to the client automatically using a pre-formatted email. Create custom fields to collect the data that’s relevant to YOUR business, and display those fields inside the Portal.

Import your Existing Clients & their Portals are instantly created

Easily import your existing clients by formatting them according to the sample spreadsheet provided, and when you click the Import button, Client Portals are instantly created, logins assigned, re-directs programmed, etc…. It all happens automatically!

Convert existing Users & their Portals are instantly created

Convert existing Users to work with WP-Client using a unique approach that essentially permits users to keep both their existing role while also adding the characteristics and permissions of their WP-Client role as well.

Allow Clients to Register Themselves

A custom registration form allows you let clients register themselves, and after approval from admin, those clients exist inside the plugin just as if they were added manually or imported. This allows the client to choose their own username/password, and makes the process easier.

Create Client Circles

Gather your clients into Circles, and then use those associations to easily assign permissions to files & Portal Pages for a wide range of clients with one simple step. Each individual resource can be customized to be accessible by entire circles, or only select clients/members. It’s all up to you!

Assign Client Managers

Client Manager feature allow the site owner to designate a “manager” for each client that is added. All communications and file uploads associated with that client will be directed to the appropriate client manager. Each client/member can have multiple managers, and each manager can have multiple clients/members.

Option to require payment for access to Portals

You can configure the registration process to require payment before the user can access their Private Portal. User simply fills out your customized registration form, and is then given a choice of payment gateways. Payment is verified before granting access to that user.

Expiring Credentials let you give temporary access to your Portals

If you have the need to limit the amount of time a user has access to the private portions of your website, then you can optionally set their permissions to expire after a determined amount of time. Their user will not be deleted, but will no longer have access. Access can easily be reinstated if necessary.

Include any standard page, post or custom post type in Portal

Do you have existing WordPress pages or blog posts that you would like to incorporate inside your Portals? No problem. You can easily assign them to individual Client, multiple Clients, and/or Client Circles. The pages and posts are then protected by the plugin, and only accessible to the properly permissioned and logged-in clients/members.

Custom Titles Feature – Fits Your Needs

You may not call your target users Clients, and you may not use the term Managers. No problem! You can replace the words Client, Circle, Manager and/or Staff with titles that more closely fit your needs for the plugin (Ex. Teachers, Employees, Students, Agents, etc…)

Clients can create unique credentials for each Staff member

Client Staff feature permits the client to add users on the client side. Client Staff will have all the permissions and access of the parent client, and be able to interact with the site owner admin, but using a separate login.

Easily show/hide content based on Client or Circle Affiliation

Prepare Portal Pages that are flexible depending on who is viewing. This exciting addition essentially gives you the ultimate flexibility to create separate HUBs and Portal Pages based on who is logged in, and what Circle they are associated with. There are many creative & powerful ways to use this capability.

Intuitive File Management & Categorization

Permits categorizing of files so that you and your clients can easily categorize and organize the files that you’re sharing. Ability to edit category names, re-assign files to categories, and sort category names using drag/drop interface. Categories can be optionally assigned to clients/members and Circles, allowing you to automatically provide access to large groups of files at one time

Remote File Support

Permits you to host your large files at Amazon S3, iCloud, Dropbox or other advanced cloud based storage, and still easily include the link in your client’s HUB Page


Project Feedback Component > Professional Project Feedback

A unique, professional, secure & efficient method whereby the administrator of the site can bundle together a specific set of images, documents, files or links – and effectively present to a client a simple and easy to follow process that allows them to provide formalized and focused feedback.

Private Messaging

A proprietary private messaging system allows your clients to communicate with you in total privacy, right inside the client portal area.

Emails are sent containing the content of the private message along with a one-click link that allows you to respond securely to that message.

Custom Client Login

Creates custom login page for all clients. Pages can be modified by admin to reflect the company’s images. Admin can easily modify the logo, background color & text colors.

Permit Clients to edit their Portal Pages

Client side editing allows the client to contribute to a project, or make changes to content, thus making collaboration easy & efficient.

Client Login Alerts

Lets you know when Clients login to their portal successfully, so you’ll know that your system is working correctly, and who is accessing their client portals. Also will alert you to login failures so you can quickly follow up with the Client to be sure they have the support they need to get logged in.

Easily Add/Remove Permissions

Clients are added to a global list, so any Portal Page can be assigned to a particular client by using a simple check box selection menu in the “Edit Page/Post” interface. Portal Pages can also be “bulk” assigned from the grid menu. The advanced File Management interface gives you the power to easily assign/unassign permissions to any/all files.

Clients Can’t Get Lost

Clients are automatically redirected to their client area upon login.  Login redirects are automatically coded when client is created.

Keep Robots/Spiders Out

Hides the HUB Pages and Portal Pages from navigation and prevents robots from spidering them.

Easily Keep Clients Updated

Portal Pages have option to check/uncheck a check box before updating page that if checked, will email the client to inform him/her that their client page has been updated.

Right Out of the Box

Works right out of the box with no customizations, but, the plugin also allows you to easily edit all the templates right in the WordPress interface that you’re already familiar with. You can easily adapt every part of the plugin to fit seamlessly into your site’s design, and your client’s will surely appreciate the professional image and workflow efficiency that will come from using WP-Client.

Start creating & using WordPress Client Areas / Portals today!

  • WP Client makes it easy!  You can customize all components!
  • All your client management needs taken care of by one plugin
  • Advanced File Management Component
  • Private Messaging Component

Effectively interface with a wide range of users

  • Clients
  • Customers
  • Colleagues
  • Collaborators

  • Employees
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Patients

  • Vendors
  • Affiliates
  • Members
  • Family

You can host the files on your site’s hosting, or FTP them anywhere, including Amazon S3, and still make them easily available to your users.

Simply purchase the WP-Client plugin, download, install, and you’ll have your first client area created within minutes.

Easily share content of all kinds

  • PDFs
  • Photos
  • Galleries
  • Videos
  • Reports
  • Invoices

  • Designs
  • Layouts
  • Blueprints
  • Executables
  • Training Plans
  • Certifications

  • Tax Documents
  • Records
  • Tutorials
  • Procedures
  • Policies
  • Contacts

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