Easily used by “techy” and “not-so-techy” Administrators

ONE Plugin® configures multiple areas of your WordPress installation and allows the site Administrator to easily create new Client Areas, Client Management Portals, Client Estimates & Invoices, Client File Upload Areas, or Private Staff Pages on the site by entering  just a few data fields. Additionally, clients can upload & download secure files.

ONE Plugin® : The #1 Client Web Portal Plugin for WordPress can serve all your business needs including Client Portals, Invoicing, Project Management, File Sharing, Email Marketing, and more!

A Complete Business Management Solution

Your purchase gives you not only the Web Portal CORE WordPress plugin, plus access to range of Free & Included Extensions that allow you selectively expand the functionalities that you require. DETAILS

Easy Integration

Designed from the ground up to integrate into your existing website. WP-Client uses a combination of shortcodes & your existing theme.

Highly Customizable

Easily enable or disable functions, control permissions, create templates, customize the design, colors, layouts, logins, emails & more…

Private & Secure

A private portal & login are created for each client automatically, and all components & files are only accessible by you & your client(s).

Estimates & Invoicing

Create customized & branded Estimates & Invoices that can be viewed/paid online, or send via email attached as a PDF.

File Sharing

Advanced file sharing > Client file upload, Client file download,  File categories & filters, remote file storage & more…

Client Managers

Assign each Client to their own Client Manager & funnel information exchanges to the proper place in your organization.

Developer Friendly

Complete set of documented hooks that allow developers to customize and integrate WP-Client to fit their needs.

Private Messaging

Private messages with clients from client portal are emailed to the proper contact. A chained record of messages is kept for clarity.

WordPress Project Management Plugin

WordPress Client Portal

With multiple pricing levels available, WP-Client is the perfect solution for any business requiring a complete and professional Client Management Framework.

Project Management Extension

Create tasks, milestones & projects – Assign permissions to view/edit each item to users both inside/outside your organization. DETAILS

Newsletters Extension

Create, schedule & send email campaigns to a variety of lists. Autoresponder lets you schedule follow up emails with your clients or members. DETAILS

WordPress Invoicing Plugin for your Theme

WordPress Client Login Area, Portals, Pages, Created In Seconds

  • Click for Video When you add a client, you create a private client login and that client’s username/password, along with the login link are emailed directly to the client.
  • The client logs in via a login page that you can customize with your logo & colors. You can also use any page on your site as the login page by inserting a login form shortcode provided by the plugin. Alternatively, WP-Client ships with a custom login widget that can be used in the sidebar or any widget area provided by your theme.
  • Upon login, the client is taken to their own personalized central HUB, where they are able to:
  • Navigate to all the private pages that exist in their portal. These Portal Pages are where most of the web-like content of the Portal should be housed.
  • Download files that have been uploaded and assigned to them by the Site Admin, the WPC Admin, or their assigned Client Manager (optional)
  • Upload files to the Site Admin, WPC Admin or Client Manager > Client can choose from assigned categories to organize files
  • Send/Receive Private Messages to/from the Site Admin, WPC Admin or their Client Manager. Email notifications are triggered when PMs are sent.
  • Clients can view/edit their profile information on the front end (optional) – All of this happens without them seeing the WordPress dashboard.
  • Clients can change/reset their password on the front end (optional) – All of this happens without them seeing the WordPress dashboard.
  • Add Staff members who can then login to the Client Portal with their own unique credentials (if approved)
  • Do you have existing WordPress pages or blog posts that you would like to incorporate inside your Portals? No problem. You can easily use our Private Post Types feature to assign them to individual Client, multiple Clients, and/or Client Circles. This can also be accomplished with custom post types belonging to other plugins.
  • Prepare Portal Pages that are flexible depending on who is viewing. This exciting addition essentially gives you the ultimate flexibility to create separate HUBs and Portal Pages based on who is logged in, and what Circle they are associated with. There are many creative & powerful ways to use this capability.
  • Create a variety of custom HUB page templates and assign them to specific Client(s) or Circle(s) depending on your needs. This feature gives you the power and flexibility to ‘Pre-Create’ your user’s experience. Then, when adding Users, you decide what they will see by assigning them to the correct Circle.
  • Powerful Widget Control lets you decide which widgets will be displayed on your HUB pages and Portal Pages.

WordPress Task Management Software

Manually Add Clients, Convert Existing Users, Import your Client Base or Allow Clients to Register Themselves

  • Click for Video Easily allows the site owner to manually create clients by completing just a few data fields.
  • Convert existing Users to work with WP-Client using a unique approach that essentially permits users to keep both their existing role while also adding the characteristics and permissions of their WP-Client role as well.
  • Import your Client Base, and each one’s HUB and Portal Pages are instantly created according to your preferences.
  • Click for Video Custom fields lets you completely control what type of data you can record for each client, enabling you to collect information that is applicable to your business. Need to know your Client’s VAT number, Industry Parts Code, Pet’s Name, Favorite Color, or some other info that’s proprietary in your business? No problem!
  • Click for Video Gather your clients into Circles, and then use those associations to easily assign permissions to files & Portal Pages for a wide range of clients with one simple step. Each individual resource can be customized to be accessible by entire circles, or only select clients/members. It’s all up to you!
  • Click for Video Optionally enable a Client Registration page, and permit users to register themselves by completing the customizable form. Site Manager has the option of manually approving each Client or setting the process to Auto-Approve.
  • You can optionally configure the registration process to require payment before the user can access their Private Portal. User simply fills out your customized registration form, and is then give a choice of payment gateways. Payment is verified before granting access to that user.
  • Upon approval, whether manually,by auto-approve, or by automated approval of payment, the HUB and Portal Pages for that new Client are automatically created according to the easily customized templates, and the New Client email is sent. Now, you can use the templates to ‘pre-build’ the Portals, and then as Clients are created, those Portals are instantly created according to your preferences.
  • Click for Video If you have the need to limit the amount of time a user has access to the private portions of your website, then you can optionally set their permissions to expire after a determined amount of time. Their user will not be deleted, but will no longer have access. Access can easily be reinstated if necessary.
  • Click for Video You may not call your target users Clients, and you may not use the term Managers. No problem! You can replace the words Client, Circle, Manager and/or Staff with titles that more closely fit your needs for the plugin ( Ex. Teachers, Employees, Students, Agents, etc… )
  • Admin Manager feature allow the site owner to designate a “manager” for each client that is added. All communications and file uploads associated with that client will be directed to the appropriate client manager.
  • The WP-Client Admin role allows you to give the management of the WP-Client plugin to a member of your staff without granting full WordPress Admin rights. That person will only be able to see/manage the WP-Client menu when they login to the Dashboard.
  • Optional Double Opt In Registration. Email Verification feature lets you restrict Client access to their Portal until they have clicked the verification link in the auto-generated registration email.
  • Terms & Conditions Option lets you require users to agree to your legal requirements before accessing their Portal.
  • Enhanced Security features let you set your requirements for your User’s passwords. Require a minimum password length, special characters, etc… You can even ‘blacklist’ common weak passwords to prevent their use.
  • IP restriction Feature allows you to further secure your Web Portal by setting ‘whitelisted’ IP addresses after which only users from those IP addresses will be able to login.
  • Hide/mask the default WordPress login URL ( /wp-admin ) and replace with your own custom login suffix. This not only hides the login from humans, but also from ‘brute force’ attacks that are commonly used to hack WordPress websites.

WordPress File Sharing Portal

Advanced File Sharing Component > Client File Upload & Download

  • Click for Video Site Manager can easily upload files of all types, then categorize, assign permissions and configure for download all within one operation. Links to those files, along with the date uploaded & file size then instantly appear in the HUB of all Clients who are assigned permissions.
  • Extreme flexibility that lets you assign permissions for each file to just one Client, several Clients, many Clients or every Client.
  • BYPASS typical difficulties with uploading large files using our uberLOADER which enables ‘file chunking’ and has been shown to upload files of over 1 GB in size.
  • FTP Sync feature allows you to easily FTP files to your server and have them automatically be permissioned to the correct Client or Clients. Sync can set to manual or automatic.
  • File categorization is very intuitive and allows you to place files in categories and even sub-categories. Files can be viewed by the Client in your choice of formats, including a table, file tree or a simple list.
  • Grouping your Clients into logical Circles gives you to the power to assign permissions for a file to every member of that Circle with just one click, thus saving the site Manager invaluable time and effort.
  • Access to files is strictly controlled by the database. Files uploaded via the WP-Client interface are held in a secure and protected folder, and are only called by the database when a properly logged in client is logged into the browser. Files are never accessible by direct URL path.
  • Clients can upload files to the Site Manager, triggering an alert email to the Site Manager or assigned Client Manager. Site Manager then has the option to share that file with other Clients if that is appropriate. Files that the Client uploads are also visible and available on that Client’s HUB.
  • Remote File Feature gives you the flexibility to store files on a remote server, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc…
  • Blacklist feature allows you to control what types of files Clients can upload to your server.

WordPress Invoice & Estimate & Plugin Software

Estimates & Invoicing Feature > Bill Clients & Customers and Let Them Pay Online

  • Full featured Estimates & Invoicing feature, complete with ability to Pay Online using your choice of available gateways.
  • Create one-time Invoices or create Recurring Invoice profiles which auto-generate a new invoice according to your preferences. Every week, every month, or however you decide!
  • Accumulating Invoice feature lets your create an invoicing profile that you can add work to as you go along, and then the system will auto-generate an invoice on the time schedule you designate. After that invoice is generated, the total is reset to zero so you can continue adding items. Those next items will appear on the next auto-generated invoice, and so on…
  • Pre-create often used billable items to help you quickly create Estimates & Invoices that contain frequently used/repeated items.
  • Create an Estimate for the work. When approved, convert to an Invoice and email to client(s) in one click.
  • Your clients are already part of the system. It’s only natural and efficient that you generate the Estimates & Invoices for them and display them securely in their Client Portal
  • You can easily send the Estimates & Invoices attached as a PDF to an email – all emails are fully customizable
  • You can create one Estimate/Invoice and assign to multiple clients. When you click the “Create” trigger, a unique duplicate Estimate/Invoice is created for each individual Client so that each has a unique Invoice to pay. Powerful and efficient mass creation of Estimates/Invoices.
  • Estimate & Invoice templates are fully customizable with your logo and layout of your preference.
  • Flexible to fit your needs – supports Taxes & Discounts
  • Supports Partial Payments so that your Clients can pay a bit at a time. You can also set a minimum amount for partial payments.
  • Supports IPN to confirm and mark Invoices as paid. Also, optionally triggers a thank you email to the client, thanking them for the payment.
  • Click for Video Supports multiple currencies

WordPress Client Login Area

Project Feedback Component > Professional Project Feedback

  • A unique, professional, secure & efficient method whereby the administrator of the site can bundle together a specific set of images, documents, files or links – and effectively present to a client a simple and easy to follow process that allows them to provide formalized and focused feedback.
  • Presented in a Wizard style format, the client simply moves from one slide to the next slide to the next slide providing feedback according to the Site Manager’s preferences. The actual voting choices can be customized, and the client can leave full paragraph comments about each slide.
  • After they work their way through the slides, they are then able to leave summary feedback about the project as a whole, and then finalize and submit.
  • Upon final submission, the results are stored in the database, and emailed to both the admin/manager and the client. The results can be viewed at any time in the admin console of WP-Client.

WordPress Customer Login Area Portal

A Wide Range of Features Designed to Give You a Professional Client Management Solution

  • All WP-Client components, including Portal Pages & emails are 100% customizable to help you match your company’s brand and image. Your Client’s will feel they are being catered to in a professional and secure way, and your brand will be reinforced throughout.
  • Create a “WP-Client Admin” which is a user who only has permissions to manage the features of WP-Client. This user does not have full-blown admin access to the WordPress install, but does have full control over the WP-Client settings.
  • Client Login Alerts send the Site Manager a notification when a Client either successfully logs in or experiences a login failure, thus giving you the heads up that either your Clients are successfully accessing their Portals, or are having trouble. In the case they’re having trouble, you’ll look like Johnny-on-the-spot when you contact them to offer help. They will wonder how you knew they were having trouble, and be impressed by the high level of Client support.
  • Give Clients the power to add logins for their Staff, thus allowing the necessary people in that organization to view the Portal, but with unique login credentials. This provides for insularity and permissions control in cases where logins must be deleted or restricted.
  • Built in SMTP routing gives you the option of using services like SendGrid or Mandrill to increase the likelihood that notifications sent from your site will end up in your target’s inbox rather than the spam box.
  • Updates to the CORE plugin and Extensions are made automatically via the WordPress updates process. No complicated updating process means it’s always easy for you to stay up to date with just a few clicks.
  • Many more… Click “Detailed Features” below for more.