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Properly Developed, Well Supported & Always Updated

While it’s possible that you might find a suspiciously inexpensive “solution”, or cobble together something resembling a Client Portal, the prices below are very reasonable for properly developed, well supported and always updated software. We are here for the long haul, and your business deserves that.

Web Portal Extensions :: MOST are Included FREE

The prices above include almost every Extension that we make!

Premium Extensions are additional because they typically represent another entire category of functionality outside of the already impressive set of tools & extensions included in the range of WP-Client Licenses. Project Management, for example, is just as powerful as any fully functional PM plugin, but the benefit is that it integrates seamlessly into your already existing Client Portal. So, instead of using multiple solutions to accomplish your business goals, you can use ONE Plugin™ to organize your business, both internally & externally.

Included Extensions :: Included FREE with ALL License Levels

Estimates and Invoicing Extension

Click for Video Easily create estimates and invoices that your clients can pay online using the provided payment gateways. You can display invoices on your website, send in PDF format via email, or print out and send in traditional snail mail. Included with ALL WP-Client License Levels

Feedback Wizard Extension

The Project Feedback Wizard is essentially a unique, professional, secure & efficient method whereby the administrator of the site can bundle together a specific set of images, documents, files or links – and effectively present to a client a simple and easy to follow process that allows them to provide formalized and focused feedback. Included with ALL WP-Client License Levels :: CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE DETAILS

Login Logs Extension

When users log into your site, the details are retained in the the database, and a report is generated so you can see a complete record of who has logged into the site. Included with ALL WP-Client License Levels :: Click Here for Complete Details

Paid Registration Extension

Configure the self registration system to only give clients access after they have paid using one of the provided payment gateways. Included with ALL WP-Client License Levels :: Click Here for Complete Details

Private Post Types Extension

Click for Video Allows you to make any page, post or custom post type part of your Portal. You can easily assign permissions, restrict public viewing, and include links to these resources in your Client’s HUBs and Portal Pages.

Included with ALL WP-Client License Levels

Time Limited Clients Extension

Click for Video Easily set an expiration date for each individual client after which that clients login will no longer allow access. Their credentials are still in place, but they receive a customizable error notification explaining that their login has expired.

Included with ALL WP-Client License Levels

Premium Extensions :: Included with SOME License Levels

Project Management Extension

Designed to let you organize your work, coordinate easily with teams, track the time spent on specific tasks/projects/sectors, and integrate your clients into the process.

Included with SOME WP-Client License Levels :: Click Here for Complete Details

SMS/Text Messaging Extension

This Premium Extension extends your ability for both your Internal Staff and your External Users to stay in touch with the activity in your Portal. Now, you have a way for your admins, managers, teammates and clients to receive an instant alert to activity in the Portal, and as always in business, being aware and responding quickly can sometimes be the difference between good and great.

Included with SOME WP-Client License Levels :: Click Here for Complete Details

White Label Extension

Modify all parts of the WP-Client plugin to re-brand it however you would like. Logos, icons, plugin title, and more…

The standard version of WP-Client gives you the ability to completely customize the front-end interface that users will see. The White Label Extension takes this one step further, and gives you the capability to customize the backend interface of the plugin also. Change the name of the plugin, add your company’s graphics, website, etc… Lets you brand the plugin like it was yours so that you can resell it as part of website development work.

With the White Label Extension, you won’t see any reference to WP-Client in your dashboard. You can use your own graphics, icons, etc… in the dashboard to give a familiar feel to your internal employees also.

Included ONLY with the WP-Client White Label License Level

Premium Extensions :: À la Carte Add-on to any License Level

Shutter :: Premium Photo Gallery & Proofing Extension

With the Shutter Extension for WP-Client, you will be able to upload images to a Gallery, and assign that Gallery to one, some, or all clients in your installation (or optionally make the Gallery public). Additionally, Shutter includes options for pricing, and watermarking, any or all images in your installation.

Shutter integrates seamlessly with WP-Client, allowing you to install Shutter and beginning assigning Galleries to your already created clients, so you don’t miss a step along the way!

NOT Included with any CORE Licenses. À la Carte Add-on only :: Click Here for Complete Details

Advanced Member Site :: WordPress Membership Site Extension

Designed as a major upgrade to our existing “paid registration” functionality, Advanced Member Site allows for multiple levels of paid membership, and more powerful permissions controls for posts, pages and files.

Now you can add a multiple level paid membership site to the list of things WP-Client can do for your business. With AMS, you will be able to create and manage multiple membership levels within WP-Client. Each level can have it’s own unique settings regarding cost, recurring / expiration periods, resource assignments, and there’s no limit to the number of different levels you can have. This means you can create as many different membership levels as you desire, and each one can be unique in every way!

NOT Included with any CORE Licenses. À la Carte Add-on only :: Click Here for Complete Details

Newsletters :: Automated Email Campaign & Autoresponder Extension

Take full control over the promotional email system of your business, all from within the familiar dashboard of your Web Portal

Easily create, edit, manage, and send promotional emails, automated notifications, and much more, all from inside the plugin dashboard you’re already familiar with. Send out time-limited notifications of sales, automatically “drip-feed” content to new customers on a pre-set schedule, all using ONE Plugin. In addition, Newsletters lets you manage your email contact lists, in regards to both your existing plugin clients, as well as customers who may not be already registered within your portal.

NOT Included with any CORE Licenses. À la Carte Add-on only :: Click Here for Complete Details

Support Ticket :: Help Desk Portal Extension

This premium Extension is a powerful tool that allows you to maintain a continuous line of communication with your clients regarding questions and issues, all from within the WP-Client dashboard to which you are already accustomed. Our Team has years of experience with various helpdesk and support ticket systems under our belts, and we took that into account when developing our Support Ticket Extension for WP-Client. The end result is a ticket helpdesk Extension that has the most useful and powerful features, without any of the bloat present in a lot of other support ticket systems.

NOT Included with any CORE Licenses. À la Carte Add-on only :: Click Here for Complete Details

Form Builder :: Custom Forms Extension

Easily create multiple forms for use in public or private pages in your site. Forms can be as simple as a single field, or as complex as multi-step forms with dozens of fields, or anywhere in between. Once the form is created (using the simple drag-n-drop visual builder), you can easily place it anywhere in your site using a simple shortcode. From there, corresponding clients can to submit answers, and you will be able to monitor all of their responses from the admin backend of the Form Builder Extension.

NOT Included with any CORE Licenses. À la Carte Add-on only :: Click Here for Complete Details

Payment Gateways Bundle :: Give Clients More Ways To Pay

Don’t miss out on even one potential sale! With the premium Payment Gateways Extension, you will be able to expand the number of payment gateways available in your WP-Client framework for use with invoicing, paid registration, and more! 2CheckOut, Amazon Payments, BrainTree, PayMill, Skrill, PayFast, and Payza are currently included, with more coming soon! With these additional gateways, doors will open to potential new clients who were previously unable to pay for your services, giving you the opportunity to grow your business even faster!

NOT Included with any CORE Licenses. À la Carte Add-on only

BONUS Plugin :: WP Master Admin :: Works seamlessly with WP-Client

WP Master Admin Plugin

Sooner or later, you’ll need to allow others to access your WordPress site with admin level permissions. Programmers, graphic designers, SEO specialists or other administrators will need to access to your WordPress site, and now you can let them in without worrying about them installing malicious software, deleting your user, changing your password, or even just making stupid mistakes.

Make yourself UNDELETABLE. Other Admins can’t delete you, change your role, change your password, or use any other strategy to take over control of the website.

Protects you against inexperienced Admins making mistakes. Keep other Admins from installing/deleting themes and plugins.

Let others work on your WordPress site without Risk

Use on up to 25 websites per license

Share Admin. Keep Control. Eliminate Worry.

Included ONLY with Plus, Developer & White Label WP-Client Licenses

CLICK Here for Demo Video :: WP Master Admin