WP-Client Support


Step #1

Please be sure you are updated to the latest maintenance release of the plugin.

Step #2

Please browse the appropriate categories below

  • Please take the time to evaluate these issues – You will most likely gain a better understanding of your issue, and of the plugin itself.
Control Panel & Activation Issues

If you haven’t received your email after purchase…

      • Please check in your spam folder, or in your ISPs spam filters.
      • We often find that our emails are filtered either at the ISP level, or at the actual mailbox level – spam filtering has gone overboard these days

If you are having trouble licensing your domain…

      • Enter the domain ( only DOMAIN.COM – no http or www ) and your email address.
      • If you have a subdomain ( clients.domain.com ) then you WILL need to enter the subdomain just like in the parenthesis.
      • If you have WordPress installed in a subdirectory ( domain.com/clients/ ) then you WILL NOT enter that path, you only will enter ( domain.com ) in the domain field.
      • If you are working locally, then you would enter ( localhost ) in the domain field
Top reasons you might be having problems

If you feel the plugin is acting abnormally, please check the following things…

You are seeing undesirable elements on your HUB and Portal Pages

If you want to change the way your HUB and Portal Pages look…

      • You should use the Theme Link pages that were installed upon activation to set the default theme options for each WP-Client component.
      • For example, if you want to modify the way your HUB pages display to change or add some of the options provided by your theme, you would navigate to Pages > Portal > HUB Page and click Edit. There you would make any changes to the settings provided by your theme, and click Update. Subsequently, all HUBs displayed by WP-Client will use the settings you saved on the Theme Link page. (This can be overridden on an individual basis for each individual HUB)

Step #3

If nothing on this page solves your issue, then please send an email to our Help Team

  • Please send an email and describe your issue. You can attach screenshots, etc…
  • Your email will create a ticket for our Help Team who will respond as quickly as possible.
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