08 Jul WP-Client v.2.7.0 released

WP-Client.com is proud to announce the release of the latest version of the WP-Client Management Portal Plugin!

WP-Client v.2.7.0 is a major update, and there are number of new features that will be very useful to those who are using WP-Client to manage larger organizations.

New features include, but are not limited to:

> Admin Manager feature allow the site owner to designate a “manager” for each client that is added. All communications with that client will be directed to manager.
> Client Staff feature permits the client to add users on the client side. Client Staff will have all the permissions of the parent client, and be able to interact with the site owner admin, but using a separate login.
> Client side editing allows the client to contribute to a project, or make changes to content
> Clients can register themselves. A custom registration form allows you let clients register themselves, and after approval from admin, those clients exist inside the plugin just as if they were added manually or imported. This allows the client to choose their own username/password, and makes the process more professional and simple from their end.
> Ability to edit category names, re-assign files to categories, and sort category names using drag/drop interface.
> Completely revamped private messaging system gives a better experience for both the client and the administrator.
> Various additional settings to enable/disable certain WP-Client components
> Various UI modifications & improvements
> Various bug fixes

The WP-Client Dev Team

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