White Label

Modify all parts of the WP-Client plugin (logos, icons, plugin title, and more) to re-brand it for your own business

The standard version of WP-Client gives you the ability to completely customize the front-end interface that users will see. The White Label Extension takes this one step further, and gives you the capability to re-brand the backend interface of the plugin also.

Change the name of the plugin, add your company’s graphics, website, etc. The White Label Extension lets you brand the plugin like it was yours so that you can resell it as part of website development work.

You won’t see any reference to the WP-Client name in your dashboard. You can use your own graphics, icons, and text in the dashboard to give a familiar feel to your internal staff.

This Extension is included FREE with the WP-Client White Label License Level (can be added for an "a la carte" price to any other level)

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Extension Details

Latest Version 1.4.1
WP Version Required 4.0
WP Version Tested 5.4
Website Security Test