Add SMS messaging capability for both your Internal Staff and your External Users to stay in touch with the activity in your Portal

Now you can add Text/SMS Notifications for both Admin & Clients

This Premium Extension extends your ability for both your Internal Staff and your External Users to stay in touch with the activity in your Portal.

Now, you have a way for your admins, managers, teammates and clients to receive an instant alert to activity in the Portal, and as always in business, being aware and responding quickly can sometimes be the difference between good and great.

Using the worldwide standard of ‘Email to SMS’, the SMS Extension lets you bypass the complex and expensive requirement of using a 3rd party SMS Gateway, and gives you all the advantages of being able to send SMS notifications without the prohibitive difficulty and costs.

Add the SMS Extension to your Web Portal CORE

NO Additional Monthly Fees & NO Recurring Fees for Extensions. You simply need to keep the yearly subscription for your CORE License up to date.

Your Clients Never Miss A Notification

Your WP-Client notifications will be sent via email, as well as SMS message, making certain that your clients will receive their notifications no matter where they are.

The SMS messages can be customized independently of your Email Templates so you can fully customize how your messages are seen by the clients.

Admins & Managers can receive SMS Notifications also

Instantly know what’s going on inside your Portal! Want to know when a new Client registers on your site? You can now receive a customized SMS notification.

  • Receive Private Messages from Clients as an SMS
  • Receive an SMS when a Client uploads a file for you

Bulk Send Messages to Clients/Circles

In addition to the standard WP-Client notifications, you can also send Clients/Circles direct messages via SMS, in the same manner as the standard WP-Client private messaging feature.

Keep your Clients in the loop, even out of the office. You can send one individual Client a message, or any combination of Clients. You can even send SMS notifications to a specific Circle or Circles.

Customizable Message Templates

Completely customize the SMS message templates, giving you full control over how the messages are formatted for your clients, and what they contain.

Customize which SMS notifications are sent. If you want to send SMS notifications for only one specific action, you can do that. Want to send for many actions? You can do that too.

Message Success/Failure Send Status

The SMS Extension shows you statistics on the success/failure of your direct & bulk SMS messages

Support For Nearly Every Mobile Carrier*

*Mobile Carrier must support Email-To-SMS protocol

The SMS Extension works via the industry standard ‘Email to SMS’ protocol.

Nearly every mobile provider on the planet supports this protocol and publishes an ‘Email to SMS’ format that allows you to use the SMS Extension to send bulk SMS messages for no costs (assuming the service is free from that carrier, which is very common)

Pricing that blows away anything else out there

For example, if you have 500 users, and you want to send out an average of 5 SMS notifications/alerts every month, that will result in an average of 2,500 SMS messages.

Without the Web Portal SMS Extension, you could spend more than $100/month in gateway fees depending on the SMS gateway you’re using for pricing comparison. Of course, if you send more, then the price just goes up from there.

In comparison, if you purchase the Web Portal SMS Extension, you will pay a one time fee and can send as many SMS notifications as you like for no additional charge.

BOTTOM LINE :: You can add SMS Messaging/Alerts to your arsenal of tools for much, much less than every before, and you will never have to pay again for this functionality, regardless of how big your user base gets or how many SMS messages you send.

À la Carte Pricing Details :: SMS Extension

  • Requires the Web Portal (WP-Client) CORE WordPress Plugin & an Up to Date Subscription (currently $20/year for new purchases, which covers continued CORE plugin Updates & Support)
  • How does buying an À la Carte Extension work? You will remain at your existing Web Portal License Level (Basic, Plus, Developer or White Label). The SMS Extension will be available on the same number of URLs that are authorized at your existing License Level.
  • FREE EXTENSION UPDATES for LIFE: Purchase the SMS Extension ONE TIME and it’s yours FOREVER. No additional yearly fees for updates or support for this Extension as long as your yearly fee for the Web Portal core is up to date. This means as we continue to develop and improve the SMS Extension, you’ll continue to benefit.
  • INSTANT ACCESS: As soon as you purchase via the link above, you will have instant access to download the Extension in your Control Panel.
  • THIS EXTENSION is included FREE with the WP-Client Developer License
  • THIS EXTENSION is included FREE with the WP-Client White Label License

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Latest Version 1.4.9
WP Version Required 4.0
WP Version Tested 5.5
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