Project Management

Designed to let you organize your work, coordinate easily with teams, track the time spent on specific tasks and/or projects

This Premium Extension extends your ability to increase the productivity of your organization’s everyday workflow, and allow you to extend the functionality of your Portal to include your internal staff and even freelancers. You can bring your clients into the process by sharing information & progress about your projects with them directly in their personal, unique & secure Portal. Only they are able to see the information that you give them permissions to see. It’s better than just a standalone WordPress Project Management Plugin, because this is an integrated solution that fits well alongside your existing WordPress website.

The Project Management extension is designed to let you take control of your internal processes and workflows, and to share details and progress with your clients as your tasks, milestones & projects are completed. There are several new roles to facilitate proper access and permissioning, including a role called ‘Freelancer’ designed for those times when you need to hire someone from outside your internal ranks.

Organize your projects & keep your clients in the loop

You can easily create projects for existing clients in your WP-Client database. Simply create a project and choose the corresponding client, or create a new client from within the plugin. With a project created, all of the appropriate resources and information will be collated into a single interface, making it easy to work on and manage a client’s project from one location.

Begin working on a client’s project by quickly creating tasks, and assigning them to members of your team. Your team may include your employees(teammates), project managers, or freelancers, all of whom can be assigned unique login credentials with corresponding permissions assignments, allowing you to precisely manage what user has access to what resources. This WordPress Project Management Plugin gets it right.

Assemble Teams & Easily group your staff into logical working groups

Assigning your team to a project is made even easier using “Teams.” You can group teammates, project managers, and freelancers into Teams, and easily assign that Team to a new or existing project. Have a group of employees who work particularly well together? Create them in a Team, assign them to a project, and let them get to work immediately.

Not only can you manage others, but everyone can use it to manage their personal work!

The “My Tasks” feature gives each user a place to focus on the things that are assigned specifically to them.

Teammate’s can be assigned tasks, share files with other members of the team, and communicate with team members via Team Talk.

Freelancers can also be assigned tasks, but do not have access to Team Talk, keeping them safely separated from your internal staff’s private conversations about the project.

All the benefits of a fully featured Project Management solution, without the monthly fees!

Create And Assign Projects

One of the keys to efficient project management is streamlining. in order to remain on track and profitable, you and your team need efficient access to all of your resources. With the Project Management extension, you can easily create projects, assign the client, create tasks, upload files, and much more… And, all this happens in one centralized Project Dashboard, thus eliminating the “setup” hassle of getting a project off the ground, and allowing you to focus on making the client happy.

The Right Team For The Right Project

When handling a project, it’s important to have good team communications and organization at your disposal. Having the right teammates working together on a project will directly result in it’s success or failure. Now, you can easily group together teammates, freelancers and project managers, allowing you to quickly assign multiple employees to a new project, and ensuring that the best combination of talent is being utilized on every project.

Locally Hosted On Your Own Website – Familiar WordPress Environment

All of the project and client data is stored locally on your site’s server, giving you total control over the security of the data. Additionally, the Project Management plugin extension integrates with your existing Web Portal & WordPress site, giving you a familiar interface to manage your team, clients, and projects.

Integrated with Your Current Client Base

If you already have an existing WP-Client client base, you can assign projects to a client with just a few clicks. If you do not already have clients created, this can easily be done in just a few minutes using the ‘Add Client’ form. You can also allow your potential clients to register themselves using a form on your site, letting you generate potential business automatically.

Assigning Tasks

Break down a project into individual tasks, which can be assigned to single teammates, allowing you to effectively spread the workload and utilize each teammate’s strengths. Each task has one responsible party, making sure that every user knows exactly what is expected of them.


Break down a main tasks into smaller, easier to manage to subtasks. These subtasks can also be individually assigned, allowing you to efficiently distribute the workload among your team. Each subtask can be uniquely prioritized and tagged, and each subtask has it’s own messaging and file sharing section, allowing you to get every detail right for a project.

Project Milestones

When managing a project, you need to keep your team focused, while keeping micromanaging to a minimum. You should be looking at the “big picture” to be sure that the project is staying on schedule. Using Milestones lets you easily get a “bird’s eye view” of an ongoing project by grouping tasks together, allowing you to view a project’s progress in segments, & making it easy to see what departments or teammates need more resources or motivation.

Project Archiving

When a project is completed, you can safely archive it, which also reduces clutter by removing it from your daily project view. Archived projects are still easily viewable from the appropriate tab, allowing you to review the project history at a later date. Accidentally archive a project? No problem, just click “undo”, and the project will return to your active Projects tab.

Activity Stream

Stay on top of a project, be aware of even the smallest details, and ensure accountability. See a full list of activity related to your projects, including created, completed and deleted tasks, uploaded files, and newly assigned teammates. The Stream creates a record of ‘who’ did ‘what’ and ‘when’ so there is never any problems with ‘he said, she said’.

Workload Management

COMING SOON – Handle all of a project’s common tasks from one place. Use an interactive calendar that lets you monitor your team’s workload, adjust priorities, upload files to projects, and add comments to tasks.

File Sharing

Upload files, assign them to projects, and the plugin automatically gives the correct users permission to download and view the file based on their role and project assignment. This allows you to provide your team with all of the required resources quickly and efficiently.

Granular Permission Control

Control who has access to what project, allowing you to easily assign projects to the correct teammates, and clients. Your team won’t get bogged down with unnecessary data in their dashboard, and your client will see a clean project page tailored just for them.

Client Talk

Discuss a project with your client, keeping them in the loop and informed through the entire process. Get their feedback on items using the built-in file sharing system, and discuss the project trajectory in an easy-to-read message thread.

Team Talk

Discuss a project with your team using the group messaging system. Post a message to Team Talk, and the appropriate users are notified and can view your message. Files can also be shared via Team Talk, making sure everyone always has easy access to the resources they need.

Custom User Roles

Use the built-in user roles to easily assign your employees the appropriate permissions automatically. Create project managers, teammates, and freelancers with a few clicks. Additionally, you can assign projects to existing clients in your WP-Client install, or create new clients easily.

Delegate To A Project Manager

Easily assign the day-to-day management of a project to a member of your team. Project Managers have full control over all aspects of a project, but only for the project they are assigned. They can add and remove teammates and freelancers, create and assign tasks, and access both Client and Team Talk. This allows you to give full control over the daily workings of a project to an employee, while maintaining a fail-safe by not allowing them to delete users or projects.


The key to the success of any project is your team. Not only do your teammates need the skills required to complete the project, but they also need access to the appropriate resources. Using Project Management, you can give your employees unique logins, allowing them to login individually and view resources securely. You can also easily assign teammates to projects and tasks, making sure everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.


Occasionally you will need to hire someone outside of your team to perform work for a project. Whether it’s a graphic designer, programmer, video editor, or any other specialty role, freelancers are a fact of life in project management. With Project Management, you can create Freelancers and assign them to a particular project. When their services are no longer required, you can easily delete their account, ensuring your project data remains secure.

Pricing that blows away anything else out there

Using your existing WordPress website and Web Portal CORE plugin, you can extend your capabilities and add the Project Management Extension for a very reasonable ONE TIME PAYMENT

Most Project Management solutions out there charge at least $20/month for even the smallest packages, with some charging as much as $250/month for their “Unlimited” packages.

BOTTOM LINE :: You can get a Lifetime of Project & Task Management functionality from your WordPress website + the Web Portal CORE plugin + PM extension combination for a very, very reasonable cost. In addition to the professional benefit of integrating these tools into your own website, you will also save a great deal of money.

À la Carte Pricing Details :: Project Management Extension

  • Requires the Web Portal (WP-Client) CORE WordPress Plugin & an Up to Date Subscription (currently $20/year for new purchases)
  • How does buying an À la Carte Extension work? You will remain at your existing Web Portal License Level (Basic, Plus, Developer or White Label). The Project Management Extension License Level you purchase may be activated on ONE of your active URLs.
  • FREE EXTENSION UPDATES for LIFE: Purchase the Project Management Extension ONE TIME and it’s yours FOREVER. No additional yearly fees for updates or support for this Extension as long as your yearly fee for the Web Portal core is up to date. This means as we continue to develop and improve the Project Management Extension, you’ll continue to benefit.
  • INSTANT ACCESS: As soon as you purchase via the link above, you will have instant access to download the Extension in your Control Panel.
  • SILVER LICENSE LEVEL OF THIS EXTENSION is included FREE for one URL with the WP-Client Developer License
  • GOLD LICENSE LEVEL OF THIS EXTENSION is included FREE for one URL with the WP-Client White Label License

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