Form Builder

Easily create multiple forms (simple or multi-steps) for use on public or private pages of your website or client portal.

Easily create and integrate powerful custom forms right inside your existing WP-Client dashboard

From contact forms, to registration forms, to suggestion forms, and so much more, forms are a vital part of any business. Being able to collect feedback and submission data from your existing (and potential) clients is indispensable. We understand this need better than most, and we have taken all of our knowledge and experience and poured that directly into the development of our latest release, the Form Builder Extension!

With Form Builder, you will be able to easily create multiple forms for use in public or private pages in your site. Forms can be as simple as a single field, or as complex as multi-step forms with dozens of fields, or anywhere in between. Once the form is created (using the simple drag-n-drop visual builder), you can easily place it anywhere in your site using a simple shortcode. From there, corresponding clients can to submit answers, and you will be able to monitor all of their responses from the admin backend of the Form Builder Extension.

Make Forms Public or Private!

Form Builder allows you to control who has access to a given form on a granular and individual level. Forms can be set to public, meaning all users can access, even non-logged-in users. Forms can also be set to only be accessible to logged-in users, and even only specifically assigned clients and/or Circles. With this amount of control, you will always know exactly who does and does not have access to a particular form, and you can modify this as needed after the form is created.

Full Drag-N-Drop Visual Editor!

Anyone who has dabbled in HTML or CSS can tell you that it is not the most “user friendly” way to build a page, as powerful as it may be. With Form Builder, you won’t have to worry about any of that, since it includes a full drag-n-drop visual builder for creating forms within the Extension. Want to add a datepicker field to your form? Simply drag the “Datepicker” field type from the sidebar over to the desired location in the form, and drop it where you would like it to display. You can then easily set attributes such as field title, description, default value, and required status using the provided fields. For the advanced users, each field also has the option to add custom CSS classes, for additional styling if desired.

Track Answers From All Users!

Forms are not of much use if you can’t easily track the information that is submitted through them by users. Form Builder allows you to easily track and view all form answers from the admin menu of the Extension. In addition to the form answers themselves, each submission also tracks the client username (if they were logged-in), their IP address, their browser information, as well as the URL of the page where they viewed and submitted the form. You can easily search through the answers to find only ones related to specific forms or clients, and also sorting and filtering options exist to make parsing large lists a simple task.

Easily Integrate Into Your Existing Portal!

Because Form Builder is an Extension of WP-Client, you will be able to easily integrates any forms you create into your existing client portal. Easily assign forms directly to specific clients and/or Circles, and insert the form into a HUB Page or Portal Page using the provided shortcodes. Additionally, built-in email notifications automatically notify clients when new forms are created and assigned to them. Integrating custom forms into your WP-Client portal has never been easier than with the Form Builder Extension.

Pricing that blows away anything else out there

There is no functionality limitations for the different license levels of Form Builder. The only difference in pricing is for the number of sites you would like to activate. This means that whether you want to install on 1, 5, or 50 sites, you get the full power of the Form Builder Extension all of the time. And don’t forget, there is no separate recurring fee for Form Builder, so you get all of this functionality for the life of the Extension, as long as your CORE WP-Client subscription is kept current.

BOTTOM LINE :: You can add Form Builder to your arsenal of tools for a one-time fee, and you will never have to pay again for this functionality, regardless of how many members sign-up. With the “per-URL” pricing model, you only pay for as much Form Builder as you need!

À la Carte Pricing Details :: Form Builder Extension

  • Requires the Web Portal (WP-Client) CORE WordPress Plugin & an Up to Date Subscription (currently $20/year for new purchases, which covers continued CORE plugin Updates & Support)
  • How does buying an À la Carte Extension work? You will remain at your existing Web Portal License Level (Basic, Plus, Developer or White Label). The Form Builder Extension will be available on the number of URLs that are authorized for the Form Builder License Level you purchase. For example, the Form Builder Single Site License allows for 1 URL, the Form Builder Five Site License allows for up to 5 URLs, etc.
  • FREE EXTENSION UPDATES for LIFE: Purchase the Form Builder Extension ONE TIME and it’s yours FOREVER. No additional yearly fees for updates or support for this Extension as long as your yearly fee for the Web Portal core is up to date. This means as we continue to develop and improve the Form Builder Extension, you’ll continue to benefit.
  • INSTANT ACCESS: As soon as you purchase via the link above, you will have instant access to download the Extension in your Control Panel.

Extension Pricing

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One Site - $59.00*
Five Site - $99.00*
Twenty Five Site - $149.00*
Fifty Site - $199.00*

  * One time purchase

** You must have the WP-Client Core Plugin Installed for this Extension to activate

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Latest Version 1.3.9
WP Version Required 4.0
WP Version Tested 5.6
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