The WP-Client White Label License Level gives you the power to completely “re-brand” the plugin to your business. All references to WP-Client can be removed and replaced with your company’s logo and information.

This License Level is meant for developers who are creating sites for clients and want to carry their branding, or their client’s branding across the entire platform.

With White Label, you are able to:

  • Change all references to WP-Client
  • Disable/Replace the WP-Client logo
  • Change the name/icon in dashboard sidebar
  • Change the name and site links in WordPress Plugin menu (applies to WP-Client extensions also)
  • Hide the About tab in Settings
  • Hide the Help menu

This is all accomplished with an additional helper plugin extension called White Label. So, you can install the helper plugin, make the appropriate White Label changes, and then uninstall. This way, the end user will not be able to detect or undo any of the changes.

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