When you create a new Client/Member via the WP-Client interface, the plugin goes to work.  The Client/Member’s HUB Page is created. A HUB page is the central component of the WP-Client system – it serves as the main dashboard for the Clients/Members while they are logged into the Portal area. The HUB contains whatever content you need to present, including the option to dynamically display resources or links to resources that are permissioned to the logged in Client/Member, either by individual assignment, or by Circle affiliation.

These are the first building blocks to this Cient/Member’s portal, and as you add/subtract components, they are dynamically added/subtracted from the Client/Member’s HUB.

Essentially, WP-Client gives you the architecture and permissions control to create almost any structure that your application requires with full granular control over privacy & permissions.

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