Our policy is to not have a live demo because it requires so much time to monitor public activity ( people writing foul language & basically acting like hooligans ), and would open the door for a user with bad intentions to run malicious code from our servers, etc… We could go to the trouble of disabling certain functionalities to prevent this, but then the demo would not be fully representative of our product.

We do have a very descriptive Demo Video that attempt to cover the major functionalities of WP-Client, and this video is continually updated as we add new features.

Click here to view the Demo Video and Screenshots: https://wp-client.com/demo-video-secure-wordpress-client-portal-file-sharing/

We feel our money back guarantee give you a no-risk opportunity to test drive WP-Client in its’ fully functional form.

Details here: https://wp-client.com/our-100-percent-money-back-guarantee/

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