Affiliate Program Details

Welcome to the WP-Client Team!

WP-Client, the #1 WordPress Plugin for Business, is excited to invite you to become part of our team.

We are looking for hard working and motivated individuals who want to make a great residual income by helping us spread the word about WP-Client!

The official guidelines are below, but the gist of it is, you post an article, blog post or affiliate graphic on your website, blog or article site exposing the visitors to the uses of WP-Client. Then, after we approve the article and/or banner placement, a customer follows the links in your article to and buys a plugin license…. you get paid!

We are currently offering a 40% payout for all Affiliate sales!

EXAMPLE: If you were to write an article or display a banner, and 10 customers follow your links and all purchase Basic Licenses, for $59 each. You would get 40% of each of those sales, or $23.60 each, totaling $236.00 in your pocket! And of course, this is just the minimum. The higher the license value that the customer purchases, the more money you will get. Here’s what the payouts would look like for each license level:

License Level Customer Pays Affiliate Payout
Basic $59.00 $23.60
Plus $119.00 $47.60
Developer $199.00 $79.60
White Label $349.00 $139.60

As you can see, this could very easily become quite lucrative. You can write as many or as few articles as you like, as long as they all meet our guidelines. The more approved articles you write, the more customers you bring in, the more sales we make, the more money you get! So, with just a few well placed articles, you could find yourself making hundreds of extra dollars of recurring income per month.

How it Works

1) To become an Affiliate, simply register using Affiliate Registration Form ( LOCATED HERE ) There’s no approval process to register, so you can register and immediately begin generating content. Please note, if you are currently a WP-Client customer, your Affiliate Email will need to be different from your main WP-Client “Control Panel” email.

2) Following our guidelines below, you can begin writing articles/posts, and posting them on your site. Double-check your work when you’re done, paying close attention to your links to You can also place any of the provided banners or other graphics on your sites and receive income from click throughs on those banners.

3) Once you have an article published or have your banners in place, login to your Affiliate Control Panel and paste the URL of the post/article into the “Affiliate URL” section using the “Add New URL” button. To get credit for the banners, you will need to register the exact URLs where they are located. If you have banners rotating all over a site, you can use the following format to register your URL (* ) The asterisk will indicated that any URL from that top level domain will receive credit for a sale.

4) Once you have added the post/article/banner URLs to your Affiliate Panel, our Affiliate Team will review your work, and if it meets all of the criteria, we will approve it.

5) Once the URL is approved by our Team, it will be eligible for Affiliate Payouts. When a customer is referred to from one of your approved URLs, and they purchase the plugin, our system will log the payment as being from your site. As long as the customer payment is successful, your Payout percentage will be listed as “Pending” in your Affiliate Panel.

6) After the designated waiting period passes (with no customer refunds occurring), “Pending” funds become “Available” funds, and you can use the “Request Money” button to request any/all “Available” funds be deposited into your PayPal account.


1) ALL articles will be need to approved by the WP-Client Team. You will not get credit for any sales made through your site if we have not first approved your posts/articles and their corresponding URLs!

2) No Adwords or paid ads. All advertising on the page should be for WP-Client, and it should make sense on the page, such as organic linking text and references to

3) NO REDIRECTS! Affiliate links should be actual URLs from your site, that contain appropriate information, whether it be original articles, Affiliate graphics, etc.

4) Articles/posts should be AT LEAST 300 words, and more is certainly fine.

5) All articles/posts should be ORIGINAL CONTENT. Please do not copy/paste from the examples below, or from other blogs around the internet. Original work only please.

6) All SEO should be “above board”, meaning no SEO “tricks” that may get the page delisted, such as cloaking, hidden links, article spinning, etc. All content should be well written, original, and make sense. Posts/articles should be written with the customer in mind, not the search engine.

7) We reserve the right disapprove a post/article, or deactivate a URL at anytime. Affiliate URLs will be regularly monitored, and if a post/article violates our guidelines at ANY TIME, we will deactivate the URL, and you will no longer get paid for any sales through that post!

8) All articles/posts should have the proper linking text ( See below for ‘Affiliate Tools’ )

9) See below to download Affiliate Graphics. All affiliate banners or graphics should just have a straight link to (No coded affiliate link is required because you will register the URLs where the banners exist in your affiliate panel)

10) Payout to PayPal accounts only. You must provide your proper PayPal email address as part of your registration.

Example Content (what we are looking for)

Generally, we would like you to be creative in presenting WP-Client. Good placement, good search engine optimization and good marketing ideas will boost traffic and boost your income.

You could generally describe what the plugin is and what it does, making sure to include keyword phrases that searchers may be looking for, you could post a general article about how you or your company uses the plugin or any ideas you have that explains and presents the plugin in a good light are acceptable.

One idea would be to help us target groups of customers we wouldn’t normally think of or have access to, using their already established readers and traffic. Blog posts/articles should be geared towards “demonstrating” the plugin, both generally and to demographics. Meaning, if the Affiliate site is an ESL (English as a Second Language) blog, their article would be touting the advantages of using WP-Client as an ESL teaching portal. A musician’s blog could write about how WP-Client would be great for students to login to receive guitar lessons.

Please find some example articles below:

Example Blog Post

Finding a WordPress plugin for sharing files with clients can be a difficult task. It needs to be secure, reliable, and flexible enough to meet as many of your file sharing needs as possible in one plugin, ideally without paying an arm and a leg.

WP-Client provides a secure, versatile and easy-to-use file sharing system. This is in addition to the host of other useful features that the plugin provides, arguably the most important of which is a secure client login portal. This secure login combined with the file sharing system helps make sure that any files that you assign to your clients are only accessible to the correct client, and only after they have properly logged in using their unique login credentials.

The WP-Client file sharing system allows you to upload and assign any type of file to your clients, using various methods including assigning via FTP or remote file location. Additionally, you clients can also be allowed to upload files directly from their HUB Page. This allows them to share files directly with you the admin, and with any management member that is assigned to them.

Check out WP-Client’s website for more details @

Example Targeted Use Article

Benefits of a Client Portal for Martial Arts Studio

Whether it’s Tai Chi, Karate or Tai Kwan Do, a martial arts studio’s needs typically follow a fairly standard series of directions.

Student Portal

Any karate studio or other martial arts school will have information that they are looking to distribute to their students and parents of students exclusively. This would be information that would not be advisable to place on the public part of the studio’s website. Things like class schedules, permission forms, announcements, individual achievements, etc.…

A secure client portal, or in this case student portal would provide a place where each student would be able to login and have access to this private information. The owners of the studio would be able to easily set permissions for all areas of the portal so that just one student could have access, a particular subset of students could have access, or the entire group of students could access. Each component of the portal and entire portal itself would be completely customizable to allow or deny access based on the wishes of the owners.

This type of granular control allows the owners of the studio to segment the student body into things like the level of achievement (Black vs. Brown belts), which class the student is in, which instructor the student studies under, or in a multi-regional set up, an owner could even segment the students based on which dojo they study at.


Quite often in martial arts studios, there are occasions to take pictures of a group of students or individuals students. These occasions often include individual achievements, award presentations, martial arts competitions or celebrations held by the school.

In this day and age, there are many parents who would prefer that their children’s images not be shown on the public Internet. There is evidence to show that bad people with bad intent can sometimes target children shown on the Internet, and when posted on a website that pinpoints their location, it makes things easier for the criminal to know where that child may be at any one point in time.

As a result, karate studios and martial arts schools should consider that it may not be good etiquette to post these type of pictures on a public blog or website.

Using a secure client portal to post these pictures solves all of the above issues by requiring that in order to access the pictures, one must have an account and login using the provided credentials.

A proper client portal should also allow you to post pictures individually for each student, so that those pictures can only be accessed by that particular student.


Probably the most important aspect of any business is getting paid. A secure client portal is the perfect companion when it comes to this crucial step.

The owner of the studio can securely post individual invoices for each individual student inside their area of the client portal. No student will be able to see any other students invoice or billing information, and there is no fear that the invoice or any of that private information would be accessible to the public.

Even more secure than sending a PDF by email, the owner could simply send an email to notify the students that the invoice has been posted to their client portal, and instruct them to login to view the invoice.

This type of arrangement is much more secure and well organized than a simple email/PDF system. Additionally, the martial arts studio will gain the benefit of a professional and appealing appearance in the eyes of its students and those that they refer.

Recommended Client Portals

For a hosted, in browser solution, you can consider the following:

SuiteDash :: A Suite of Solutions in One Dashboard :: Client Portals, Invoicing, Project Management, CRM, and much more…

For a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress website, you can consider the following:

WP-Client :: The #1 Secure Client Portal & Invoicing Solution for WordPress

Example Targeted Feature Article

WordPress Recurring Billing is a system that has been set up to offer effective services to clients. Billing and invoicing in wordpress is a feature that lets a business owner create an invoice from an individual’s wordpress site through the administrator login. The billing and invoice plugin has to be integrated to a wordpress site in order to provide its functions to a particular site and its clients. There is no need to worry on the activation of this plugin, as no knowledge in coding is needed to integrate the plugin. What is required is for an individual to install an already prepared plugin and activation of the same to set it working.

When billing clients, the plug in works effectively in relaying a summary of a bill to clients. An administrator or the business owner is able to send the summary to the client in an email form. The WordPress Recurring Billing functions enable the sending of bills to clients in a link form that will open to a page carrying a list of the invoice details. After viewing the invoice, the client is in a position to submit payment via online payment methods like PayPal or use of credit cards. The WordPress plugin is thus timely software that has come in at an appropriate time when emphasis is put on online payment. Ease of operation of online payments as a secure funds transfer option that facilitates 24-hour services has made the billing plugin vital for clients.

Business owners also benefit from WordPress Recurring Billing system. It has become easy to send invoices to clients as well as receive prompt payments. Recurring billing enables the running of a larger billing cycle that makes billing a friendly process. With payments made, the business owner receives a notification on the payment effected by a client. This automated business program has been able to provide positive recognition by business owners running sales effectively using the billing plugin. Adding clients to the database lets this service provider perform invoicing for a business owner thus reducing the tasks taken up by the business owner. It stands as a creative and friendly innovation for the business market.

See WP-Client WordPress Recurring Billing Plugin and Client Portal Plugin for more information.

Affiliate Tools

Acceptable Linking Text Examples
<a href="">WordPress Client Portal Plugin for your Theme</a>
<a href="">WordPress Invoicing Plugin for your Theme</a>
<a href="">WordPress Project Management Plugin for your Theme</a>
<a href="">WordPress Customer Login Plugin for your Theme</a>
<a href="">WordPress Employee Portal Plugin for your Theme</a>
Targeted Use Article Ideas

Martial Arts Studios, Cooking/Recipes/Chefs, Fitness, Personal Trainers, Gyms, Teachers, Language Schools, Music, Flight Schools, Schools, Clubs/Interest Groups, Book Clubs, Motorcycle and Car Clubs, Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, ELK/Shriners, Lawyers, Medical, Private Practice, Doctors, Dentist, Physical Therapy, HomeCare, Hospice, Marketing, Web/Graphic Design, Accounting/CPA, Franchises, Interior Design/Home Decor, Contractors/Construction, Daycare, Marinas, Hotels/B&B, Pawn Shops, Car Dealerships, Finance Companies, Mechanics/Repair Shops/Body Shops, Salons and Spas, Pets Groomer/Trainer, Daycare, Vet, Real Estate, Audio/Video Mastering

Targeted Feature or Keyword Article Ideas

Secure Client Portal

Easily create a private client area, that is only accessible to correctly permissioned clients, and only after logging in using their unique login credentials. Give your clients the peace of mind of knowing that any files and data they share in their private portal are protected, and only seen by the appropriate people.

WordPress Employee Login

Implement an employee login area on your existing company website, making it easy to share company documents and information with your employees. Share tax documents and HR forms with new hires, send private messages to touch bases about scheduling a meeting with a few employees, or have your employees upload their filled out timesheets and have the files automatically assigned to the Payroll department.

WordPress Patient Portal Plugin

Privacy is of paramount importance for a patient when it comes to medical information. A patient wants to be assured that their information is safe, and it’s being handled by the correct people in the proper way. Using WP-Client, a healthcare professional could create private pages for each of their patients, and granularly control who has access to any and all files and data. Patients could login with their unique credentials, and safely upload medical documents, insurance information, and view assigned files such as x-ray images and test results.

WordPress Members Area Plugin

Quickly turn your public WordPress site into a “members only” portal, only providing members access after they have registered for your site, optionally paid a registration fee, and are approved by the Admin. Control what members have access to, and for how long, on an individual or group level. “Members only” items could include exclusive videos, private e-books, or links to private forums.

WordPress Customer Login Portal

Make it easy for your customers to view their purchase history, update their shipping address, and pay invoices, all from a secure and private online portal. Assign estimates and invoices to one, any or all clients with a few clicks, and provide them the option to pay via several built-in payment gateways, such as PayPal. Create custom fields on the Admin side, allowing you to collect additional info about your clients, such as mailing address, alternative contact email, or preferred shipping method.

WordPress Project Management Plugin

Create a project portal on your site, allowing you to assign both your clients and employees with unique login credentials. From there, you can easily group together appropriate employees and clients, based on individual projects, and automatically assign uploaded files so everyone involved with a project has access to everything they need.

Secure File Sharing System WordPress Plugin

Implement a two-way file sharing system, allowing you to upload and assign files to one, some or all of your clients. Additionally, clients can upload files of their own, for the site Admin and any assigned Managers to view. Admins can assign files via FTP, or remote cloud services such as Dropbox, in addition to the standard WordPress file uploader.

Private Messaging for WordPress

Communicate privately with clients on an individual basis, and receive responses from them, all while securely logged in to the client portal. Each message thread would be private, being only viewable by the individual client, the admin, and any assigned managers.

Customizable WordPress Login Page

Give your WordPress site a more “branded” feel, displaying a custom login page to your clients. Add custom graphics such as your company logo, customize the color scheme of the page, and even setup custom redirects so your client is taken exactly where you want after login.

WordPress Paid Membership Registration

Require a one-time payment during client registration, allowing you to place premium content on your site behind a “payment wall.” Clients can self-register using the built-in form, pay the registration fee using one of the provided payment gateways, and their login credentials will not be activated until their payment is processed.

WordPress Estimates & Invoices Plugin for your Theme

Easily create estimates for clients’ work requests, with reusable invoice items, and assign them to a client. The client can login to their private portal, view the estimate, and once they approve it, the admin can convert it to an invoice with a single click. The client can easily view and pay the invoice from their portal.

Create Custom Form Fields in WordPress

Add a database to your WordPress site, allowing to gather and store any and all pertinent data about your users, whether they be clients, employees, vendors, patients, etc. Additional form fields are completely customizable, allowing to collect the data that matters to you, such as a client’s shipping address, a patient’s insurance plan, or what department an employee works in.

Client Profile for WordPress

Allow your clients to build and maintain their own profile privately on your site. Additional custom fields, all editable to be read-only and/or required fields, provide a distinct advantage over the standard WordPress user profile page. Your clients can update their mailing address, your employees can add an emergency contact, or your patients could update their insurance company info.

Convert Existing WordPress Users to Plugin Roles

Add WP-Client to your existing website, and easily convert all of your existing Editors, Subscribers, and Contributors to Clients, Managers, and WP-Client Admins. Additionally, you have option to allow your existing users to retain their original role permissions, with the WP-Client role being added on top of existing access.

WordPress Client Self-Registration Form Plugin

Quickly build your site’s customer-base by allowing your clients to register themselves to become members. They simply fill out the client registration form, which is completely customizable by you. After registration, their account will need to be approved by the site admin, or optionally allow “auto-approval” for all clients who register using the form.

Time Limited Client Credentials

Set expiration dates for all site members on an individual level. This makes offering “free trial memberships” very simple, as well as selling “1 Month”, “3 Month”, “1 Year”, etc. memberships for your site.

Privatize WordPress Custom Post Types

Have content already created on your site in a standard WordPress page or post that you would like to protect? Use WP-Client to make the content only viewable to assigned clients and circles, exactly the same as the built-in plugin content. Additionally, apply the same protection and assignment to any 3rd party plugin content that uses custom post types, such as a gallery or forum.

WordPress User Groups

Group together clients or employees, allowing you to quickly and efficiently assign files and information to segments of user all at once. Maybe you want to group employees from the same department, or clients who work for the same company. All grouping is completely customizable, and users can be assigned to multiple groups, making sure all information goes to the correct people.

Project Feedback WordPress Plugin

Whether you’re an architect designing a house for a client, or you are working on a new brochure for your company, it’s important to get feedback on the work you’re doing. With the WP-Client Feedback Wizard, you can upload files, assign them to clients, and have them provide custom feedback on the work. This feedback can be as simple as “Yes” “No” “Maybe” buttons, and as in-depth as full comment boxes.

WordPress Login Alerts Plugin

It’s important to know who is logging into your site, but it’s just as important to know who is trying to login and failing. Whether it’s a client who has forgotten their password, or a legitimate hacker attack, the site admin should be made aware of these attempts, so they can take steps to resolve the issue. WP-Client can optionally notify the admin whenever a failed login attempt is made, allowing the admin to quickly and efficiently deal with the problem.

WordPress Login Logs Plugin

Having a record of when and how often a member logs in can be useful. For instance, you can identify security risks if you notice a lot of failed attempts from one username, and prompt that user to update their password.

WordPress Customizable Client Email Templates Plugin

Easily pre-format all email notifications that send from WP-Client, allowing you to personalize any notification that your clients receive. This includes their initial welcome email, notification of a newly assigned file, and notification of a new invoice in their HUB Page.

Customizable Client Portal WordPress Plugin

Completely customize the look and feel of your client’s private portal, giving everything your personal touch, and making the client feel more at home and secure. Format the pages how you see fit, include any graphics you like, and display on the content that you deem appropriate for your client.

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